Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter is getting here!

Well, like everyone else in Minnesota, we got snow this past week... and now we're getting ice on the lake too. Swamper Lake (the one by the Moose Viewing Trail) was pretty much iced over when we went to town Thursday, but this is the first day we seen much ice on Poplar. It's been too windy for ice to form, but despite last night's wind - well, 17 degrees means ice - wind or no! Gorgeous day today, we're trying to keep the house warm with solar gain through the front windows and it's working pretty well.

Still have a bit to do to close the resort, Mike reports that a kevlar canoe covered with ice weighs a lot more than you might think! He's got all but one undercover now. I've got most of the Christmas shopping done, just need to do some wrapping.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting closer

Winter's on its way and we're getting closer to being ready for it. The canoes we're keeping are "under cover" and we're making plans to haul the others away. I've got sheets over the windows in the lodge (keeps the sun off the canoes) and everything piled on the ends and edges to make room for canoes - amazing how much room a few 18-19 footers take! The bunkrooms and the apartment are also full of them... that's a lot of hauling for Mike.

The water tanks are almost drained (that last foot or so is a long process as trying to get a siphon going is a project and a half) but all the water mains and cabin water lines are dry. We had a bit of snow last week, but it didn't last long enough to count - when it counts, we'll be ready!
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