Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Days

It finally seems like Summer has arrived here in the Northwoods. We have been putting out a lot of canoe trips and the cabins are nearly always full. The days are warm but it cools off in the evening making it easy to get to sleep after spending a day outdoors. Everything moves a little slower now that the temperatures are getting higher. Well almost everything has slowed down -- the chipmunks have gone into high gear and are starting to store food for another long winter.

There is never enough!
 We're having an unusually August, some of our guest haven't heard that the fishing slows down as the water warms up. Joe is passing out fishing tips and sharing some of his secret hotspot locations.  Two nights ago one of our cabin guest went out for an evening fishing trip recommended by Joe.  His picture shows what looks like a very successful fishing trip. (Joe and Maggie are already talking about coming back to Rockwood next year.)

Sometimes there is enough!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Under Attack by Mother Nature

South Lake Trail at Rockwood
  This past week we have been attacked along mutliple fronts!  A strong storm front came through the area about 3 am Monday morning and seriously damaged trees in both the BWCAW and at our Lodge. You can barely see the South Lake Trail sign and the path from our drive up to the Gunflint Trail
for the down trees. The force of the wind actually broke one of the picture windows in our house. Nothing but wind touched our home but there are 8 large trees on the ground within 3 to 10 feet of our house.

Paddlers are reporting that trees are also down along most of the portages. The portages are still open but Mother Nature has added a few obstacles to make things more interesting. Many of the locals believe that this was the worse storm to have hit the Gunflint Trail area since the blowdown in 1999.

On Saturday a bear showed up in camp and managed to search every garbage can for goodies. What a mess! When the bear came back again we had already emptied the cans before his arrival. Hopefully after finding empty cans he will stay away for a while. It is really hard to explain why he is even here since we are experiencing a bumper crop of blueberries this year.

The good news is that the mosquito attacks are less intense.  Lake levels are finally dropping and the mosquito breeding puddles are drying up. The evening "humming period" is starting later and ending sooner.   

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gunflint Trail Moose Are Plentiful in 2014

Moose are out in great numbers this year along the Gunflint Trail and surrounding area! And while that news is wonderful in its own right, what is even more encouraging is the number of calf sightings so far in 2014. Nearly every cow moose spotted this year has had at least one calf trotting by its side, with multiple reports and sightings of a large cow with two healthy calves at her side. Yearling moose appear to be moving away from their mothers and are exploring on their own, such as the young bull (male) in this photo. He was spotted browsing through a meadow about 1.5 miles from Rockwood Lodge.

Moose are among the most popular animals along the Gunflint Trail, and these early-summer sightings are great news for both the present and the future of the moose population in our area!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fishing Update

The fish bite continues to be strong in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and surrounding area as summer fast approaches. The season started out with a bang via Lake Trout in shallow waters. Lake Trout appear to be moving into deeper water, but other fishing action is picking up just in time.

Smallmouth fishing has been reported as strong on Rush Lake and Banadad Lake, both of which are an easy trip from Rockwood Lodge & Outfitters.

And while the cool rains subside, walleye action is just heating up in the BWCA. Reports of excellent walleye fishing are coming in from Horseshoe Lake using a spinner and nightcrawler combo. Fishing the north end of the lake was reported as the prime area, though fish can likely be found in other locations and lakes, including Poplar, Vista, Gaskin and Allen.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Moose Sightings

A pleasant surprise greeted Joe last Thursday when he came out of the outfitting building. A moose cow and two calfs walked down the road and proceeded acoss our canoe landing. He claims that they were only twenty feet from where he was standing when they entered the water and started swimming to a nearby island. It was a typical moose sighting here at the Lodge -- there is never a camera around when you need one.

Chance finally noticed a moose. He usually sleeps in front of the fireplace when he is in the Lodge. When he looked up today he went balistic when he saw the moose mount looking down at him. After about five minutes of barking and growling he settled down and went back to sleep.

First Encounter

We have been seeing more moose this spring than we have seen for several years. There have been several sighting of a cow and a calf between our Lodge and Nor'Wester Lodge. We have also seen a solo cow at the water hole near the Laurentian Divide scenic overlook. What we are not seeing this year is very many wolves. 

Our neighbor reports that there have been serveral sighting of a Lynx out on Voyaguer Point. The Lynx always move on after they reduce the local hare population. Maybe the wolves have moved on and the moose population will get a year to start a bounce back.