Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fishing Seminars & Winter Camping

Last weekend, I did a couple seminars on "Fishing for Lake Trout in Wilderness Lakes" at the Fish Fest Fishing Show in Minneapolis. One of the points that I stressed was how easy it is to catch lake trout over the five week period after the ice goes out. In fact, here at Rockwood we often claim that if someone follows our recommendations that they can always catch a limit of Lake Trout in the third and fourth week after the ice is gone. We have a fantastic almost untapped fishery that is seldom promoted.

While it is definitely easier to catch Lake Trout in the early sping it is possible to catch them through out the year. We have had several guests staying in our Lakeside Unit that have ice fished for Lake Trout this winter that have done quite well. The weather forecast for this weekend is warmer and I plan on getting out for a couple of hours and catching dinner.

Winter Camper Parking

Last night was one of the coldest so far this winter with temperatures in the minus thirties. We have five guys out winter camping during this cold spell. They have a winter tent and stove along with winter sleeping bags. However, finding enough firewood to keep warm could be a full time task.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Storage of Outfitting Van

We had an unexpected problem with our transport van this past summer. What seemed like several gallon of rain water poured off the van roof down over the windshield whenever the van was moved after a rain. (It was probably only a gallon of water but when you can't see out of the windshield and have to run the windshield wipers you get to claim a flood of "several gallons".)

Over the winter the van was parked up behind the bunkhouse. Snow accumulated on top of the van eventually deformed the roof about three quarters of an inch. Everytime it rained this depression filled up with water and when the van started going downhill the water gushed over the windshield.

After removing the headliner and pushing the roof back into place, I decided to take steps to keep the van roof from being damaged again. Instead of parking behind the bunkhouse the van is now parked on the hill up to the bunkhouse. On January 3rd I shoveled some snow off the van's roof to lighten the load. Depending on how much snow we get, I suspect that the van roof will need to be shoveled several times this winter.

I believe that weight of the snow is not the real problem. The roof was probably dented by a heavy load of ice that builds up at the bottom of the snow pile. If I can keep the snow from accumulating over the winter there should be less ice and the van should be ready to go in the spring.

Fly Fishing Weekend Package

Join us at Rockwood Lodge for a June 12-14, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Weekend! This package includes a cabin rental, instructional classes, guided smallmouth fishing in and around the BWCAW and a free canoe rental. What a great opportunity for anglers new to this sport to learn, have fun and catch fish!

Our experienced staff will help you to enjoy this fantastic sport. Some of the best smallmouth fishing to be found in the Mid-West is located in our front yard. You don't have to have expensive gear or travel to far away destinations to catch fish!  If you thirst for fly fishing knowledge -- Rockwood Lodge is the place to be. 

Join us in June for a weekend adventure.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

January Plan -- Relaxing and Fishing

We completed our long road trip to visit family members in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska before Christmas. Now we are looking forward to January with a chance to relax, do some fishing and to enjoy living in the north country. 

The winter season for fishing Lake Trout opens on January first for lakes entirely within the BWCAW.  When I checked yesterday, hikers and skiers have already opened a trail into Duncan Lake. Getting into Duncan and Daniels Lakes should not be a problem. If the weather turns nasty around the opener I may have to wait another week to get some fresh Lake Trout. Fishing will get easier starting on January 18th when lakes outside the BWCAW like Moss, Ram and Clearwater are opened to Lake Trout fishing.   

Trails from Bearskin Landing into Duncan Lake.

The Forest Service is not going start accepting entry permit applications for next summer until January 28th this year.  I plan on getting several fishing trips in January before I need to start hanging around here at the Lodge to answer the telephone.

The day after Christmas, we had a group stay in our Lakeside Suite before heading out to start a winter camping trip. They have a winter tent and a stove to keep warm and lots of experience. (I suspect that they will have to spend a lot of time looking for firewood.)  Lin and I just turn on our gas fireplace and look out our slider door widows at Poplar Lake when it gets cold.  If it gets real cold, I have serveral weeks worth of tackle box cleaning that needs to be done!

Summer is only 4 months away!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Snow, Ice and Work


Winter seems to have arrived here at Rockwood Lodge. The bay in front of our house was completely covered by ice this morning and there is only a small section of open water between the islands out in front of the Lodge. Work on many of our outdoor projects is going to be put on hold until next Spring.

Insulation Going Up

We did manage to close remove a large broken window in our house, frame in the opening and cover the outside wall with siding last week during some light snow showers. This week we started working on our indoor projects -- we suspect that the new wall will help keep us warmer this winter. Until the snow depth makes it difficut to get into our cabins we'll still be doing some work inside the cabins. However, many of these projects can not be finished until temperatures warm up next Spring.

Outdoor work in the Winter is limited to projects that absolutely have to be done, can be left unfinished until conditions improve or projects were working will keep you warm. I suspect that most of our "Winter Work" will be completed before January first -- the opening day for the Lake Trout fishing season. Meanwhile I need to clear the driveway from our house down to the Lakeside Apartment so that one of our neighbors can use the apartment next weekend.

Almost Finished