Monday, March 21, 2011

Gardening challenge

Gardening - flowers or veggies - is a bit of a challenge around here in the Big Woods! Earlier today I "prepped" the planters that go in the apartment building window boxes... pulled out all the dead plants, stirred up the soil, and put it outside to weather a bit before I plant new seeds.

The immediate result? Instant red squirrel digging happily away looking for last year's seed pods - and a deeply interested cat on the other side of the window, ready to spring over my indoor flower pots in pursuit of the squirrel and accidentally break off as many of the new geraniums sprouting in those planters as get in the way!

And, of course, any of my perennials that are stupid enough to pop up (won't happen for another month or so - we've still got a LOT of snow on the ground) will get eaten by fresh greens-starved snowshoe hares and the occasional moose. I guess this will be another year I rely on friends from less animal-populated areas for my peppers and tomatoes!
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