Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rockwood gardening 2

Just over a month ago Mike brought my dead-looking geraniums upstairs and I've been feeding and watering and generally "nursing" them all month... here are the same ones I put on the blog early in the month (Thinking Spring/Feb. 28) - aren't they looking great? I keep hearing from my friends in the "banana belt" about dafodills etc. popping up and blooming - and I have to agree, seeing something green and growing is good for what ails us after a long winter!

The woodpeckers have been busy this past week, which is another sign of spring - I'm seeing quite a bit of "new home construction" in a couple of aspen trees near the house!

We're starting to get a lot of calls about canoe trips and cabins :) ... so it's probably time to do some serious vacation planning if you have a specific date in mind!
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